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La compagnie Fibrwrap Construction Inc.

      Fibrwrap Construction Inc. was founded in 1988, as the first certified installer of Tyfo® Fibrwrap® FRP Strengthening System, otherwise known as Fibrwrap. Since 1988, Fibrwrap has been at the forefront of the repair industry, constantly developing the technology of its products and improving traditional repair methods to offer state-of-the-art solutions for all structural repair, retrofit and rehabilitation projects.

     As well as providing innovative and effective services, Fibrwrap's technology is proven to be cost-effective and is widely heralded as the leading product of its kind. Having gained experience on thousands of projects, from North America to Asia and throughout Europe, Fibrwrap Construction Deutschland is able to offer an innovative and groundbreaking modern solution to structural repair needs.

     On top of these modern solutions, Fibrwrap has also mastered traditional repair methods. These include epoxy injection, concrete repair, high-performance coatings and gunite. Fibrwrap Construction Deutschland is also able to work on projects that involve cast-in-place concrete, expansion joint and bridge bearing design and installation.

     Fibrwrap Construction Deutschland provides innovative structural repair services to a number of clients. These include engineers, builders and owners, all spread across an expansive range of sectors and industries.

      Commercial and institutional facilities, including some of the most prestigious universities and some of the most recognisable structures worldwide, have benefitted from Fibrwrap's cutting edge techniques. Hospitals and medical facilities, industrial facilities, military & government projects and also coastal projects have enlisted the help of Fibrwrap, delivering an excellent service every time.

      As an internationally recognised name in the construction industry, with locations in North America, United Kingdom, Mainland Europe, India, Malaysia, China, Singapore and Hong Kong, Fibrwrap is a trusted, esteemed and experienced asset to the industry.