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General Conditions of Fibrwrap Construction Deutschland GmbH


The following terms and conditions apply to all offers and services ordered under any executed Service / Consulting
Agreement or contract for work. Any terms and conditions of the customer are not part of the contract except where stated
in writing.


Offers are, in particular as regards price, quantity, performance and ancillary benefits, non-binding. At the time of offer, we
are only bound by the times, durations and schedules specified in the offer. The scope of performance to be provided,
after negotiation of the contract for work, is determined and acknowledged solely by the order confirmation. With respect
to possible change in legal or technical Standards and consequent deviation from the Bid documents, we reserve the right
to change the service contract or the order confirmation.


Liability of Fibrwrap Construction Germany GmbH for damages resulting from whatever reason, including delay,
impossibliity, poor performance and non-contractual (tort) liability is excluded, unless the damage results from breach of a
material contractual Principal obligation (cardinal obligation) by the company Fibrwrap Construction Germany GmbH, or by
the gross negligence or willful misconduct of Fibrwrap Construction Germany GmbH. Construction Fibrwrap Germany
GmbH can have no liability for atypical, and therefore unforeseeable, consequential damages. Construction Fibrwrap
Germany GmbH is not liable for damages that the customer could have prevented through reasonable measures.


The prices are net. Prices mentioned in the pricing/remuneration section of the order confirmation are to be understood as
such plus the statutory VAT. Compensation adjustments (increases) by Fibrwrap Construction Deutscjhland, GmbH must
be announced within a period of three months to the client. The client is granted a right to appeal. Additional services that
are not specified in the service contract or contract of work, if no written fixed price was agreed upon for these services,
will be counted according to the applicable hourly rate plus applicable taxes. Travel expenses for extra visits at the project
will be paid for as such. Unforeseen costs due to the nature and character of buildings, as well as its hidden conditions,
will be compensated upon agreement.


Delays and / or performance dates are only binding if promised in writing. Order changes lead to the cancellation of dates
and deadlines unless otherwise agreed. Performance shall be extended appropriately in the event of force majeure and
any other condition for which Fibrwrap Construction Germany GmbH is not responsible or has no control over and which
have a significant impact on performance. Delays created by default, bad performance or other obstacles, caused by other
subcontractors or the general contractor, will not be held against Fibrwarp Construction Germany GmbH. Fibrwrap
Construction Germany GmbH has the right to a new period performance, as long as the contractor was informed in time.


Complaints against bills of the company Fibrwrap Construction Germany GmbH by registered traders, within the
requirements of the Commercial Code, cannot be considered after two weeks from receipt of the invoice.


Unless otherwise agreed, payment shall be done within 30 days without deductions. Backcharges andcontract amount
reductions are not allowed, except when proper notice has been given and agreed upon in writing. If the customer owes
the Fibrwrap Construction Germany GmbH several payments the same time, an incoming payment will be applied to the
oldest of its liabilities from additional services. Both parties agree that the Fibrwrap Construction Germany GmbH is
authorized to collect and transmit data to the Schufa or other Credit agency / institution.


The Customer authorizes Fibrwrap Construction Germany GmbH, in connection with the business relationship, to store
and analyze data about him or other parties according to the federal data protection (§ 26 BDSG) code. Fibrwrap
Construction Germany GmbH will protect confidential information, in particular trade secrets. Under those same
conditions, Fibrwrap Construction Germany GmbH authorizes the customer to use only the data pertaining to the project.


Performance and legal venue for all services is Berlin, except if specified in writing in the offer. To change these terms and
conditions, all parties must be notified in writing. They are considered approved if the customer does not oppose written
objection within the specified time limit. German law applies to the business relationship between the customer and the
company Fibrwrap Construction Germany GmbH.